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Business Management Books: Creating Leaders

Are you looking for the Best business management books? Here you can find some exclusive collections of academic and best-seller books.

Whether you are a Management student or individual planning to seek some insights into management skills, Business management books are your best friends. A good management book can be handy in running a business smoothly and efficiently.

Business Management in the Academic Scenario

Business Management focuses on organizing, analysing, and planning varied business activities that go into running a business methodically. The business management course is developed to offer aspirants the education required to manage a business tactically. Booksmart brings you the best collection of Management leadership books that can be helpful both for academics and for practical business administration.

The Business Management curriculum is designed to offer knowledge on topics like business ethics, laws, finance market, operations research, organisational behaviour, strategic management, and supply chain management. This extensive range of subjects helps in creating the foundation for management leaders. However, with the array of opportunities that Business Management courses offer aspirants, this course has become quite popular, and the availability of books is dismaying. Find exclusive Books on strategic management on our website to shop from.

The Business management books are instrumental in providing knowledge on some of the important aspects of improving business practices and management skills and both academic students and professionals find them beneficial.

Check out some of the best-seller Business Management books:

  • 60-minute CEO: Mastering Leadership an hour at a time - Author and serial CEO Dick Cross shares his insight on the top management role through his book the 60-minute CEO. He sheds light on his 25 years of experience and expertise in transforming underperforming companies into powerful business houses and combines his knowledge with stories and lessons of eminent leaders and thinkers. Cross uses his trademark conversational style to put forward his ideas on the making of efficient CEO. This book is one of the best Management leadership books and can be helpful for CEOs taking up the charge. Cross suggests that the 60 minutes session a week devoted solely on how to improve the business and develop as a leader, can be highly beneficial.
  • Modern Corporate Finance, Investments, and Taxation - Penned by Peter Brusov, Tatiana Filatova, Natali Orekhova, and Mukhadin Eskindarov and published by Springer International Publishing AG, this is a monograph devoted to the modern theory of capital costs and capital structure. The authors explain their theory with examples from corporate practice and establish investment models for the financial operations of companies.
  • Status Anxiety: Hong Kongs Crisis of identity - Author and retired banking CEO Bruce Voncannon delve into the financial realities through this book. The book discusses Hong Kong's position in the new global financial competition between China and USA, and how it is developing as a model for urbanization.
  • Risk Management: How to Access, Transfer, and Communicate Critical Risks - Co-written by Antonio Borghesi and Barbara Gaudenzi, this book evaluates the various risks components, factors, drivers, and sources that pose companies in a risky environment. This book provides a consolidated approach to assessing, transferring, and communicating the critical risks of a company and identifies methodologies that can protect businesses from adverse events.
  • Creating a Business plan for Dummies - A Wiley published and Veechi Curtis written, this book is one of the Best business management books for beginners. The book has everything required to design a profitable business plan and helps to identify whether the business idea can work or what are the strategic advantages of a business. It gives an insight into creating realistic sales projections, planning a start-up budget, and also on how to prepare an elevator speech. This book is handy for both business students and professionals.

Booksmart has developed its collections with Business management books per the academic curriculum. So, whether you are looking for Books on strategic management or Management leadership books, we have it all. Surf through our collection to shop.