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Best Lifestyle Books: Lead a better & wholesome life

Various research indicates that reading changes the human brain. Regular reading habits are essential for a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Apart from leisurely reading, one can also read to discover and know more about topics that interest them. With evolving technology and lifestyle advancements, the importance of human health and wellness was never highlighted like this before! Wellness is no longer just about extending one’s lifespan. It is about taking care of the mind, body, and spirit collectively. From living a healthier and peaceful life to making the most out of every situation, there’s an array of healthy lifestyle books that can change one’s outlook on life.

For many years now, lifestyle books have compiled a vast range of solutions, ways, and tips to an improved and quality life. No matter whether you are struggling with physical fitness or some other mental health issues, such healthy lifestyle books have a piece of advice and wisdom for all. This genre has bestselling books written by renowned psychologists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, doctors, and other experts from varied fields who have experiences and tips to share with the masses and push them towards their lifestyle goals. As you explore this genre and read the awe-inspiring books, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on lifestyle management and how you can improve in multiple ways for a better lifestyle.

Best-selling lifestyle books: A must-read!

  • 60-Minute CEO: Mastering leadership an hour at a time - Authored by CEO Dick Cross, this book is a thought-provoking read which emphasizes that being a successful leader is not a full-time job. Cross insists that a mediocre leader can be transformed into an extraordinary one by refining two key aspects - thinking and character. The book is a combination of his lifestyle experiences and learning delivered in the form of stories and lessons to encourage young entrepreneurs and leaders to make smart progress.
  • Body, Soul, and Cyberspace in contemporary science fiction cinema: Virtual worlds and ethical problems - This interesting read explores how recent science fiction and cinema answers questions related to the body, soul, and virtuality, and how we engage in spirituality in modern times. Through her book, S. Magerstadt investigates the notion of love, life, and death by taking an interdisciplinary approach while arguing how some mainstream cinemas, too, have raised questions about the human self and our interaction with the world.
  • Trust in the world: A philosophy of film - A popular pick among the best lifestyle books and media studies, this book discusses how cinema has the power to restore our faith and trust in the world. While this ability is present in almost every form of art, what sets cinema apart is its potential to evoke modernity and the principle of subjectivity. This book was originally published in the German language under the title Vertrauen in die Welt, the English version is authored by Josef Fruchtl with a new introduction relating to the contemporary analytical philosophy of film.

The benefits of reading can be doubled if one picks valuable reads. Reading the best books on healthy lifestyle will not only help in relaxing and improving language skills but also gain fresh and valuable perspectives on life. At Booksmart, you can find a wide range of the best lifestyle books that are a must-read for all. Shop from our best-selling collections and have them delivered all across Asia.