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Political Science: A Perfect Gateway To Liberal Arts Education!

Politics is the master of science that influences every aspect of our lives. And the best way to discover effective means of using it is by reading Political Science books. These books solely focus on governmental theories and practices based on local, state, national, and international politics. Studying Political Science can help you understand the rules, practices, institutions, and relations that construct public lives.

Why Read Political Science Books?

Since we live within political systems and get affected by alterations made in global political economies, reading Political Science books is extremely crucial. The emergence of globalization has led to more and more people developing an interest in understanding the political systems of other countries. And what can be better than reading books on Political Science to understand the global political economy?

Political Science is classified into some major sub-fields that are as follows:

Political Theory: It primarily focuses on explaining human nature, the moral purposes of political institutions, communities, associations, and research studies on how political associations function in practical situations.

Comparative Politics: As the name implies, Comparative Politics mainly aims at developing an understanding of why and how different societies construct different political associations or institutions.

International Politics: While Comparative Politics give an understanding of how a state internally works, International Politics helps in understanding how a nation reacts during a trade, cooperation, and war.

Political Philosophy: It focuses on explaining the philosophical bases of social science, political science, empirical political analysis, and practical research on politics. Political Science books based on Political Philosophy mainly cover the similarities and differences between Political Science and other social sciences. They also impart the experimental and non-experimental designs of political processes along with the statistics, maths, and computers required to analyze political data.

Best-Selling Political Science Books to Read!

Complex Emergencies: Written by David Keen, this book explains how understanding the complex functions of war can help in attaining long-term peace agreements. Keen questions the model of war and presents a contrasting view of what war typically represents - violence, hatred, and chaos. The book covers the significance of war and how it yields economical, political, and psychological benefits.

Growth And Fluctuations 1870-1913: Written by Sir Arthur Lewis, the book covers the development of the global economy during the period 1870-1913. The book reveals how price fluctuations, industrial fluctuations, gold stock, and agricultural output varied the patterns of leading economies and their combined effect on the rest of the world.

Decision Making Within International Organisations: Written by Bob Reinalda, this book covers the extent to which member states influence international decision-making and also explains if non-governmental organizations or associations are influential. This book was written in the context of globalization, after the end of the Cold War.

Trade Investment And The Environment: Written by Halina Ward, this book covers topics such as environmental laws, ways to build markets for sustainable trade, finance & transnational corporations, and conflict resolution in the World Trade Organization. The book mainly explains the future of trade, investment, and the environment.

Politics, Hierarchy, And Public Health - Voting Patterns In The 2016 US Presidential Election: Written by Deborah Wallace, this book explains how the socioeconomic hierarchy in post-industrial US society became a threat to public health. The book shows a comparison between the set of public profiles who gave their electoral votes to Trump from those who gave their votes to Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election.

These are some of the best-selling books from a multitude of Political Science books that Booksmart offers. We are one of Asia’s leading bookstores where you can avail of the best Political Science, Medical, Law, Computing, Agriculture, and General Science book online.