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Our Mission

To be the leading bookstore where learners go to find and share resources they need for their continuing education.

What We Believe In

Learning Never Stops

Broaden your horizons and continue to explore the things that gives you pleasure, both in your personal and professional capacity. A lifetime of learning enriches both the mind and body, and as Mahatma Gandhi would say: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

A Sustainable Supply Chain Saves The Planet

Just imagine the carbon footprint you leave behind when the book you purchase travels halfway round the world to get to you. This is especially so for Asia, where most major online bookstores still ship from outside of the region. At Booksmart, books are delivered from a regional hub, thereby significantly reducing the impact of carbon footprint.

No One Should Have To Wait Forever For A Book To Arrive

The frustrations of having to wait 3-4 weeks after a purchase drives us crazy. So in a bid to change that, we started Booksmart, working to ensure that everything that that we sell can reach our customers within 3-12 business days throughout Asia.